**Tiny Tykes Camp**

 5 - 7 year olds     9 a.m. – 12 noon

June 5 - 6 (2 days -$105)                 June 19 - 23 (5 day-$250) 

July 6- 7 (2 days- $105)           


**Beginner Camps**

(8 years old and +), First time riders to those who currently walk/trot 

    8:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.    

June 12 - June 16 (5 day $275)  -FULL             July 24 - 27 (4 day $225)     


**Show Camp**

A camp for those currently walk/trotting and up, may have started jumping

         Students will have a fun week learning the small and finer details of horse showing.  We will learn how to show, how to prep the horses and their equipment  properly, load the horses on the trailer and many other important details.  We will be SWIMMING the horses one morning, have a spend the night party, learn how to set a jump course,  and of coure, lots of riding and fun!  There will be a trip to the Tack Room (Camden) as well.  (Tack Room road trip day we will go out to lunch and I will keep them until 6 pm).  

     Fees are included for the trailering of the horse, horse lease (use) and trainer's schooling fees.  Student will be responsible for their class entry fees.  The horse show will be July 15 at Voxton Farm  a CEC show in Camden. Students can choose to attend the camp and not show on Saturday if need be.
   8:30 - 1:00 pm         July 11 - 15,  $300

**St. Andrews University College Camp**

June 6 - 9

​                                            $475 + hotel, food

​     Students will enjoy vigorous flat and over fences lessons (twice a day most days) from college level instructors at the beautiful St. Andrews University Equestrian Facility.  Students stay with Katrina in a hotel room and act as college students taking equine classes and lessons.  There is a mini show on Friday where feedback is given from the judge.  Students must be 12 years old and able to jump a 2' course to attend.  6 spots


SPECIAL Spend the Night Party -FUNDRAISER for Pony Club KENTUCKY TRIP

June 16-  arrive at 6 pm

Ride, have snacks, play, spend the night at the barn!!

June 17- Breakfast, Feed the horses, ride, until  11 am

Spots available to children 8 years old and Up whom already currently take lessons.  This is a FUN evening of hanging out at the barn and tons of horsey life!!




Summer Camps 2017

We offer a variety of camps for all ages and levels to complete your summer FUN!  The Beginner/Tiny Tykes camps introduce students to horses in a safe and educational environment.  Campers have a great week learning many different aspects of the horse at a super nice facility with wonderful instructors and junior counselors!

Covered: Handling, leading, grooming, tacking the horse, bathing, riding bareback, a riding lesson a day and crafts!  We provide and require helmets and have wonderful safe camp horses/ponies, no additional riding clothes/equipment needed. Please come in long pants and tennis shoes or boots.  We will provide snacks and drinks each day (water or lemonade), but students should bring their own lunch.

To register for camp please mail in a 50% deposit, this can also be taken over the phone with a credit card and additional 3% fee.  Please make checks payable to: Katrina Hutto.

Mail to:

3962 Lawson Grove Road  Timmonsville, SC 29161