Price List

Boarding Rates:

  • Stall $500, horses brought in daily to stalls with fans during the summer or in at night in winter when cold
  • Pasture  $350, horses live outdoors, have run in shelters and fed twice daily, hay as needed
  • Blanketing included (slinkies/hoods/flysheets are extra $15).
  • Dewormer included
  • Handling fees included (for dentist, farrier, vet, etc.)‚Äč
  • Training Rides  $25
  • Overnight Boarding $25/ per night
  • Buy/Sell Commission 15% on purchase/sale price of horse, this is for when we help you find your perfect horse or sell a horse

Riding Lessons:

  • 1/2 hour (1 or 2 students) $40 per person (private or semi-private) most students begin 1/2 hour private
  • Group Hour (3-4 students) $40 per person,
  • Two lessons/week $37 per lesson
  • Private Hour  $50 for 1 person

**Package Plan- Pay for 9 lessons in advance and get the 10th free! ( Group or Private)!**

              We ask that you pay by the month or buy a package.

Horse Lease (in house):

  • Half Lease (3 days/week) $300/month + 1/2 farrier (depends on the horse and his needs)
  • Quarter Lease (2 days/week) $200/month- Your lesson day and then an additional practice day
  • Full (6 days/week) $500/month + farrier + routine vet
  • May lease by the month (depends on the horse) and must continue to take lessons
  • Rates subject to vary depending on the leased horse.

Horse Shows:

  • Prices may vary per show or function
  • Schooling Fee is $45/day (overnight shows pro-rated) this is a fee for your coaching/trainer
  • Horse Lease $20/day
  • Hauling Fee pro-rated (generally $35 to Camden shows, $50 to Blythewood/Columbia, etc.)
  • Mane pulling/clipping $15 each or $25 for both